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Making every experience relevant and personal is the sign of an experienced business.  It is as much about the process as it is about the final product.

Connecting with and engaging your audience is the key to success in a competitive marketplace. We work diligently to understand your business, research the market, and make sure you stay top of mind. We will analyze your competition, develop strategies to reach your targets, motivate action and build customer loyalty.

Digital has disrupted every industry and your customers now expect you to be personal.  To be beautiful. To be simple yet compelling. All the time. Businesses that are able to deliver on this will build loyalty that leads to growth.  We provide services to achieve the empowered results, for yourself, your brand and your business.

If you’re looking for media, marketing brand alignment, rebranding or choose to start something new, Inspire Live is able to will build a foundation, generate awareness and elevate your brand to the next level!  We create effective marketing and media campaigns, communication strategies and build custom websites that accurately represent your organization, identify workflow efficiencies and generate ROI.

From media relations and marketing to social media and creative design, we are ready to launch your next big thing.  When is NOW the best time to start?  …NOW!

Branding & Rebranding Services

Like most things, you get out of it what you put into to it — your brand is no different. It’s your organization’s first impression and people will make an instant decision about the value of your work based on your brand alone. It’s important to be intentional and make sure your brand is representative of the quality of work you do.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture or the way multiple brands align within your organization should be considered as you think about your brand image, marketing efforts and the overall general impression of your organization. Inspire Live will help you determine the best brand architecture and alignment strategy for your organization. We learn in great detail about each brand, including strengths and weaknesses, competition, current market position, as well as short-term and long-term objectives.

Market Research & Analysis

Before recommending marketing tactics for growth we begin with market research. We dive into your history and understand the “why” of what you do. This may include interviews, focus groups, surveys, competitor analysis, and more.  The information gathered from market research then serves as the foundation for your messaging platform and strategic marketing recommendations. This process is essential for creating buy-in and generating a successful execution strategy.

Social Media

Effective social media marketing requires more than setting up a social media account. To generate a return on your investment in social media, we identify who you want to talk to, what you want to talk about and the best place for those two things to connect. Inspire Live will guide you through the setup of your network, along with the strategy for content, contests, connecting with fans, posting recommendations, and guidelines for integrating social media into your marketing.

Media & Advertising

Utilizing an inventory of current and potential tactics, as well as an assessment of your target audience, Inspire Live will help you plan an effective media mix for the advertisement and communication of your brand to the masses. This includes the proper selection, budgeting and media buying within local and national markets. Inspire Live will define the strategy, provide stewardship and oversee the execution of your entire media and advertising campaign.

Public Relations

Based on our extensive experience and relationships with press, we can help you craft a solid media strategy to launch your next project, cause or organizational initiative with excellence. Securing relevant, timely opportunities translates into awareness and activation of your audience.

Public relations requires the art of engaging content paired with effective business development efforts.  By partnering with Inspire Live, we will handle your PR efforts including press releases, pitch stories, news coverage and crisis communications. Regularly promoting your notable achievements is one of the best ways to ensure top-of-mind brand awareness. Knowing your audience and how to reach them most effectively is just another way Inspire Live will help you impact your bottom line.

Communication & Marketing Strategy

A solid communication and marketing strategy will serve as a roadmap for all marketing and communication initiatives. We create a consistent tone, messaging, aesthetics, and persona in order to promote your unique qualities and strengths. Our expert team will partner with you to align your brand, create interest, motivate action and build customer loyalty. We help define your objectives, conduct market research, analyze the competition, and create a multi-faceted approach to engage your target audience.

Copywriting & Content Development

Professional copywriting is a necessary element of effective marketing. Conjuring your brand voice, maintaining a consistent tone and having a succinct message that resonates with your audience is no simple task. Inspire Live is ready to help you with all of your content development, copy polishing and content editing needs. We will provide copywriting services for web, print, radio, TV, social media and many other marketing applications.

Paid Search & Online Advertising

Social networks and search engines such as Google AdWords provide a unique advertising opportunity with the ability to target specific consumer demographics, behaviors and preferences. Inspire Live will help you identify your target audience and the behaviors and preferences that most define your desired audience segments. We also assist with the creation of ads, budgets, tracking and ROI on your social media advertising campaign.

Web Design & Development

Comprehensive website planning, design, and development is the true passion of the web team. Our website projects range in size, scope, and complexity, yet share a professional user experience that engages visitors with compelling messaging and intuitive functionality.

Creative Web Design

Your website needs to accurately represent the quality and professional nature of your brand. Our team will fully consider your brand’s aesthetic and design visually engaging custom layouts for your website. Our graphic designers work closely with the web development team to make sure your website properly blends design, user experience, content, and functionality. Your website will be designed with expansion and growth in mind, prioritize information and have an intuitive user experience that makes finding the desired information effortless.

Custom Web Development

With more than two decades of web design and development experience, Inspire Live empowers organizations by building custom websites that meet business goals and engage visitors. Our web developers are involved early on in the website planning process and this creates many site configuration, workflow and development efficiencies. Since 1997, Inspire Live has been developing powerful websites using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) as it provides SEO maximization, structural flexibility, revision control, add-on modules, and security.

E-Commerce & Online Transactions

Inspire Live builds websites with e-commerce, online stores, paid event registrations, donations, paid memberships and more. If you need to keep track of product inventory, class registrations, event tickets, membership lapse dates, or have a have a wide range of membership discounts that need to be accounted for — Inspire Live can help. We work with a wide range payment gateways and can provide you with recommendations based on your goals and needs.

API & Third Party Software Integrations

If your project requires something a little more complex, our team has the skill and expertise to create much more than a brochure website. Inspire Live works with several third party APIs to accommodate various software integrations such as social media, access databases, MySQL, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot and more. Integrating your other systems will create workflow efficiencies and in the long run, save your company generous amounts of time and money.

Website Architecture & Planning

It’s crucial for visitors to be able to navigate your website efficiently. The user experience should be your top priority and visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. At the same time, the website management or administration experiences should be intuitive, smooth and create workflow efficiencies. Inspire Live focuses on your site structure and works with your team to organize and prioritize information. Starting with a full site inventory, we focus on goals, objectives, and conversions.

Google Analytics & Search Console

If you’re unable to gauge the effectiveness of your website efforts, then you’re not using your website to its full potential. Inspire Live installs Google Analytics and Search Console on every site we build to gain insights about visitor behavior, website traffic statistics, time on site, how visitors find your website, their geographic location and much more. We meet with clients on a regular basis to review information gathered from analytics and the search console and make suggestions about website adjustments, additions or changes that we think should be made as a result.

Email Marketing

Reaching your audience via email is an effective marketing technique when it aligns with your brand and is done consistently. Inspire Live will work with you to create a professional email template to reflect the look and feel of your organization. We will also assist you with a content strategy, generate contact lists, as well as the execution and delivery of your email campaign.


Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential elements of an effective digital marketing campaign. Inspire Live will work with you to understand your goals as an organization and drive the desired website traffic organically. If you’re attempting to drive traffic, increase your online visibility or target a specific audience on your website, Inspire Live will help devise a plan to increase your rankings on the most popular search engines.

Social Media Management

Grow your brand awareness, your audience and your traffic. We offer full-service social media management. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, increased daily activity and more followers – and, we’ll keep the process simple.  Inspire Live offers full-service social media management services. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, increased daily activity and more followers.

We keep the process simple:

Audience Identification

After we understand your project, available assets and your goals, we will work together to identify your ideal target audience.

Audience Activation Strategy

We will do a competitive analysis, develop an audience persona and define an effective content strategy. We will also develop advertising strategies to show you the roadmap to success.

Audience Engagement

With an approved roadmap in-hand, you can sit back and let us do the driving. We’ll execute our collaborative strategy and optimize for success along the way.

Our social media marketing services includes daily management and growth optimization. We monitor all social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews), and aim to respond within 24 hours. In addition, we will use organic tactics (hashtags, following, contests, etc.) to grow your channels.

Audience Reporting

What good is a strategy if you don’t know that it’s working. We’ll provide regular updates and reports for your review and schedule calls with you on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Media Relations

Based on our extensive experience and relationships with press, we can help you craft a solid media strategy to launch your next project, cause or organizational initiative with excellence. Securing relevant, timely opportunities translates into awareness and activation of your audience.

Relevant, timely media opportunities will activate your audience.

A well-crafted media strategy is important for any project, cause or organization. You need a partner who understands your audience, the needs of editors and producers, and knows which opportunities move the needle. Media credibility is built over time.

Based on our extensive experience and relationships with press, we can help you craft a solid media strategy to launch your next project, cause or organizational initiative with excellence. We secure relevant, timely opportunities that translate into awareness and activation of your audience.

Custom Media Strategy

We will tailor a strategy to fit your goals. Our process includes strategy calls, proposals, timeline development and reporting.

Content Development

We’ll work with you to create press materials, media angles, and op-ed opportunities.

Traditional Media Pitching

Some things never change – even in our digital age. Relationships are key. We pitch interviews, reviews and features with all appropriate traditional media outlets. We also secure Audio News Releases, Satellite TV Tours, Radio Media Tours, and other opportunities.


And some things do change. We secure podcast tours, website partnerships, digital asset exclusives and social media takeovers when appropriate.

Media Training

It’s your big day but you’re media shy. No problem. We offer full and half-day training options via Skype or in-studio. On-camera options available as well.

Digital Marketing

One strategy does not fit all projects. Your strategy and how we execute it will be unique. We’ll find creative ways to leverage the assets and relationships you’ve worked so hard to collect and together, we’ll expand your footprint while making the most of your ad dollars.

We can help you chart the right course for your next project.

Okay, Just What The Heck Is Digital
Marketing In Today’s World?

At a high-level, digital marketing refers to advertising and story-telling delivered digitally through search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. That covers just about everything and the kitchen sink (and some which are not even universally agreed upon).

Here’s a nifty graph to help explain:

Okay, Got It?
That’s Okay, You Don’t Have To – We Do.

Our goal is to maximize the return on your online spend.
Here’s what we can do together:

Social Media Advertising

Ready to expand and market to your audience on social media? We’ll build social media campaigns to help you grow and engage. We can even integrate your email database for targeted campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Through careful keyword research, we can help you achieve higher rankings and more visibility in search results.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Reach your audience quickly and with precision using a data-driven PPC campaign.

Email Marketing

Let us help you make your emails stand out and work for your brand, organization or project.

The Kitchen Sink

No one strategy fits all projects. Your strategy and how we execute it to reach your audience will be unique to you. We’ll find creative ways to leverage the assets and relationships you’ve worked so hard to gather and together, we’ll expand your footprint.

Company Culture

Creating your brand culture will influence how your organization is regarded both internally and externally. Culture starts with a vision, mission, and values and will have a notable impact on your recruitment strategy and team development. Paying attention to the culture of your organization will ensure you attract and retain the right type of people, and keep them performing at the top of their game. Inspire Live will help you to define a culture that speaks to your strengths, appeals to your target audience and connects with potential hires.

Trusted Services

Services you are able to trust in a to success in a competitive marketplace.